23.01.2016 CYPRUS

23.01.2016 CYPRUS

We are a family

Of course we are a family, as well as a big family.

We are very strong and big family as Ardic Electric, although we do not have blood ties, we are proud to be members of this large family.

Our priority is human as Ardic Elektric, principally and always to spread the idea of being a family.

We develop the communication and keep alive among the workers with some kind of activities like dinner, picnic, travelling etc. To say `bye bye 2015` we arranged parties in Yali Restaurant in Cerkezkoy and Gonen Hotel in Istanbul that we joined with our family, also we arranged a party in Cyprus as all our workers without making discrimination to say `welcome 2016`.

At the end of the Cyprus trip, we received many thanks from our workers, and we were very happy to hear these good words.

We will continue to arrange these activities and surprises showing the value we provide to our workers.

Now we share some pictures of `bye bye 2015` and ` welcome 2016` our activities.

Please click here for photos ...