26.02.2016 ULUDAG TRIP

26.02.2016 ULUDAG TRIP


Firstly,who values humanity Ardic Cable Trays always adopts to invest in people for beatifull trips.

Give importance to the environment and human life by manufacturing to quality and high standards without compromising on quality

The Ardic family is committed to be one of the rare companies that are managed to the succses with all their staff.

Together the secret of success,love is working in peace

Ardic believe that, dealing with all the staff one on one gives them feelings within the working environment by creating a family atmosphere all togehter

Ardic gave for both office and factory employees The new year celebrated together with all of staff, the birthdays too. All these studies, which recognizes the positive contributions of employees with their families participated

ARDİC has a very large family atmosphere.Tradıtıonally these trips are made and wıll contınue to be happen.

Staff socialise together , and spending more time together during a busy work schedule and family together more people who do not see much of each other can be performed with the participation of some frames from the most recent trip that we offer.


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